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NBA 2K19 simulations ‘heavily favour’ Raptors, Warriors

Ahead of the 2018-19 NBA season,’s Bryan Wiedey took to “NBA 2K19” to predict the outcome of the upcoming year by running over 50 full-season simulations of the game. Wiedey shared his findings with Sporting News. The simulations indicate that the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard

Dodgers’ Rich Hill prepared to take on any pitching duty

“Mentally this part of the year you have to be ready to pitch every single day, no matter what,” Hill said. “It doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, everybody wants the championship. And that’s the only thing that everybody should be thinking about, not when am I going to get in. You

Brewers don’t score in top of eighth

TOP OF EIGHTH: Alex Wood pitching. Chris Taylor in at second. Yelich reached on a bunt single. Braun hit into a rare force play to the right fielder, with Puig able to throw Yelich out at second. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Braun took second on a passed ball by Grandal. Shaw struck out

Busch loss raises some questions

Caption Close Talladega, Ala. Kurt Busch is not the most sympathetic figure. When he loses a race he was one turn away from winning because he ran out of gas, few likely felt sorry for him. Then came his post-race assessment in which he criticized NASC…

Tipoff for the NBA season finally arrives

It’ll have been 130 days since a ball bounced on the court during an NBA game that counted, 130 days without a whistle, without a dunk, without a winner, 130 days between James’ old team losing in the NBA Finals and Tuesday’s doubleheader beginning with the Boston Celtics hosting the Philadelphia

Celtics, Raptors ready to move to top of East

If you noticed a gust of wind sometime in early July, it might have been 15 Eastern Conference teams breathing a sigh of relief that LeBron James finally decided to head west. James’ departure to the Los Angeles Lakers opens the door for another franchise to lay claim to the East. The Cleveland