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NFL stars Michael and Martellus Bennett have this advice for young players

Michael and Martellus Bennett have gotten a lot of attention during their time in the National Football League. Now the players are speaking out about what they’ve learned along the way and the financial advice they have for young players. Tight end Martellus Bennett, whose career was capped by

NFL reportedly sought public opinion on Colin Kaepernick in 2017

Regardless of whether multiple teams regarded Colin Kaepernick as a starting quarterback in 2017 and 2018 (they did), Kaepernick’s collusion case holds no water absent proof of coordination among the NFL’s teams to keep him unemployed. And while the sm…

College athletes get an unlikely chance at the pros

USA TODAY Sports’ Mike Hembree breaks down a report stating the France family is considering selling NASCAR, and whether new ownership could help save the struggling sport. Larry Blackstone said he felt like crying when Lafayette Kemp left the Kentucky Christian University football team four years

Pistons hire Ed Stefanski as senior adviser

The Pistons have made some progress in determining the next stage of their front office and coaching staff. Amid mostly silence about the two vacancies after they parted ways with Stan Van Gundy two weeks ago, the Pistons finally made a move Thursday. …