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Become a Professional Blackjack Player

Some people will tell you that blackjack is all about luck; that unless you keep a horseshoe or treasure troll in your back pocket there's no way to make some steady coin playing on a regular basis. Those people are wrong. To be a pro at blackjack you need to go beyond the basic strategy to advantage plays like counting or ace tracking. But it sure doesn't hurt to master the basics...

Casino player “Robin Hood 702” is making such a killing in Vegas as a pro blackjack player he’s been taking his money from the casinos and giving it back to the poor.

So how is he doing it? And how can you get a piece of the blackjack pro lifestyle?

We give some tips on how to become the latest and greatest blackjack pro.

Play the Game the Right Way
There is a strategy to blackjack, one that can help you leave an online casino “up” more often than not. And no, the strategy isn’t card counting. You can try studying the movie 21 to get that system down. Just keep in mind the kid in that flick takes quite a beating when he gets caught.

All proper blackjack strategy comes down to is following a set of rules that tells you when to “hit’, “stand”, “double down”, or “split”.

For example, players should stand on 12 when the dealer’s up card is four thru six, and stand on 13 to 16 if the dealer’s up card is two thru six. We know anything less than a 17 will have you itching to tap your finger on the table (or mouse) but resist the urge, pro blackjack players need to have discipline.

Know the House Rules
Although both the CFL and NFL play American football, both leagues have rules that slightly differ. Blackjack is the same, as rules can change depending on where you play.

That’s why the pros always know the “house rules”. Some tables pay 2 to 1, some stand on 17, some play with one deck, some play with four.

Ensure you have the right strategy by finding out all the “house rules” of the table you’re at before you play.

Keep Your Risk Amount Steady
Not only will keeping a set amount to risk every hand make you a more professional player, it’ll also keep your cash flow steady.

Newbie blackjack players tend to bet all over the place in an attempt to get lucky after a couple of bad hands. All they end up doing is causing their wallet more grief. The best way to make cash and pave the way to pro stardom is to keep a consistent amount to wager. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t increase your bets if you start making some serious coin. Just remember to choose an amount that fits your income every couple of months and don’t change it while you play.

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