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Blackjack Strategy: Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City Rules

Atlantic City or Las Vegas? If you’re looking at the choices from a gambler’s perspective - and not which place has the best Gentleman’s Clubs – the choice isn’t an easy one.

Each city comes with its own set of casino rules that can help or hurt players; especially when it comes to the universally popular game of blackjack.

Isn’t blackjack a simple game you say? Maybe to the casual player who wagers their lunch money. But to the aspiring casino pro, blackjack can be as complicated as any casino game.

So which city is more player friendly when it comes to blackjack? We take a look at some of the Sin City/Atlantic City rules and give you our verdict.

Vegas Hits, Atlantic City Stands
Does the dealer hit or stand on soft 17? Knowing that can make or break the way you attack the dealer at the tables.

In Atlantic City, you'll find that at most tables the dealer will usually stand on soft 17. Meaning even if the dealer has an ace and a six (which could equal seven or 17) he has to stand. This decreases the house edge to an average of less than .50 percent.

In Vegas, however, you're going to find that the dealers go both ways. (Dealers at the $25 minimums and up tables tend to stand on soft 17.) A new player may think that dealers who hit on soft 17 would help them, increasing the chances of the dealer busting. But keep in mind "soft 17" means the dealer has an ace, and can use it as 11 or 1 when trying to make 21. On average the house edge using this rule with optimal blackjack strategy hovers above .50 percent.

Vegas or Atlantic City? Which One Does the "Splits" Better?
Splitting a hand can be very advantageous to the seasoned blackjack player. In a game using four decks or more, it’s best to split 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s, as it decreases the house edge and opens the opportunity to create a much better hand overall.

So which city does it better?

Once again the advantage has to go to Atlantic City. In Vegas, you can split up to two hands, but in Atlantic City you can split to four which increases your edge against the house even more.

Player Advantage Goes To...
In the end - while Vegas boasts the biggest, baddest casinos, and some of the best nightlife in America - if you're looking to make some extra money at the tables, check out the only reason to ever step foot in New Jersey... Atlantic City, of course.

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