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Best Places to Smoke a Cigar in Las Vegas

An experienced cigar smoker could probably sit down with you for hours explaining the religious experience that comes with smoking the finest of Cuban or Dominican cigars but where you sit down to enjoy one also has a lot to do with the experience especially when you're spending time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas may be one of the last cities in North America where smoking is still allowed and that includes lighting up your favorite cigar while playing a hand or two of Blackjack.  While some casino visitors are happy lighting up anywhere anytime, Vegas does cigar smokers an opportunity to enjoy their fine “puros” in a few swanky places where the selection and the ambiance are sheer perfection.

Casa Fuente Las Vegas
Arturo Fuente cigars have an interesting history dating back to 1912 where the Fuente family began production in Tampa, Florida.  After numerous fires claimed their factories spanning Nicaragua and Honduras, the Dominican Republic finally became their home.  Today, among their most popular and world renowned cigars include their Fuente Fuente Opus X among other favorites which are recognized by connoisseurs around the globe.

Casa Fuente Las Vegas is located in the Forum shops within Caesar's Palace and according to Cigar Aficionado, it's the only cigar shop in the world licensed by the Fuente Family.  

Do you have to be a cigar expert to wander into their shop? While an experienced cigar smoker may be able to enjoy the Casa Fuente offering more so than a store walk-in for example, their staff, mainly comprised of women, walk customers through the process to enlighten them on which cigar flavors or types may suit their tastes.  

Once their selection is made, they can sit in their Havana-inspired lounge where they can enjoy one of their classic Mojitos and contemplate about wandering over to their Forbidden Collection of cigars.  

The Rhumbar Las Vegas
If you're looking to stray from the more traditional cigar smoking scene, the Rhumbar is a trendy Caribbean styled bar in the Mirage offering a selection of quality rum selections starting include a $75 El Dorado 25-year old rum as well as a 21-year-old Flor de Cana.  

Part of the draw of this bar, apart from its stylish digs, is the selection of cigars on offer.  The bar includes a humidor offering a selection of fine cigars as well as a patio that lends itself to special events within the smoking community.

Rhumbar is a place for those who appreciate a fine cigar but it's also made for those who enjoy more a nightclub type atmosphere.  Whichever joint you choose, you'll be sure to find a great cigar in either bar it just depends on what type of atmosphere you're looking for.

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