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Is online gambling legal?

Internet gambling is illegal in the United States. In many countries, online gambling is legal. Consult your local, state, province or country laws prior to registering with any online gambling service. Know your jurisdiction laws where you reside before you gamble online!!! Currently, all online casinos and sports books operate their servers in the Caribbean, Costa Rica  or Europe, where online gambling licenses are available. Some online gambling sites are owned by publicly traded European companies. is an information service. No online gambling is offered from the web server. does not promote illegal, underage gambling or gambling to those who live in a jurisdiction where gambling is considered unlawful. The information within this site is being presented solely for entertainment purposes. Using any information contained within  this site is your agreement that you are of legal age and live in an area where it is not unlawful to gamble or gamble online. The use of any  information on this site in violation of any country, state,  province or local laws is prohibited.
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