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Mobile Gaming Taking Off and Other Casino News
Posted: December 22, 2010

As our phones expand it slowly seems to be getting rid of every other piece of technology we've grown accustomed to.

According to reports one of the pieces of tech in jeopardy is handheld games like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

"The proliferation of highly multifunctional smartphones and messaging phones is a very real threat to the dominance by the DS and PSP of the handheld gaming market," the report says. "Devices which satisfy a variety of entertainment and utility are fast outstripping single-function devices as consumer favorites."

Gaming on the iPhone 4 and Droid have been skyrocketing, as players are having more fun with Angry Birds than God of War. But its not only regular video games, these devices are being used to gamble as well. Sites like the Bodog Casino offer mobile gaming, letting players enjoy blackjack, roulette and slots from their phones. Something the PSP or DS can't even do.

Bellagio Casino Heist

The Bellagio casino was robbed of thousands of dollars in chips by a motorcycle bandit.

The casino robber was on a black motorcycle and well disguised by a full face helmet. The chips stolen are only good for that specific casino and little in the way of an identification of the bike he was riding is available. We're not sure how he's going to cash these chips in, but we gotta respect his plan, it worked. Much quicker than George Clooney's over-the-top idea to rob the Bellagio.

Rain, Snow in Las Vegas

Apparently if you're looking to dodge the bad weather over the holidays you can't even go to Las Vegas.

The forecast calls for more rain today through Wednesday night for Las Vegas, according to the National Weather Service.

Heavy snow will fall through this afternoon in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, forecasters said.

Could there be snow coming down on The Strip? If it does we suggest you stick to gaming indoors, no need to ruin a hot streak on the slot machines with winter weather.

Borgata Casino in Atlantic City Paying Huge for Blackjack Players

Posted: November 03, 2010

If you live or casino game near New Jersey there's a place that all Blackjack players need to go. No, not the Jersey Shore; that's only if you want to drink, GTL and get down with Snooky. We're talking the Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. Supposedly it's dishing out winnings to Blackjack players willing to play. No card counting required.

The Borgata took a huge hit at their casino tables in the last financial quarter. $9 million in lost revenue. That was enough to provoke executives at Boyd Gaming Corp. — Borgata's parent company – into complaining. The third quarter's poor revenue is largely being blamed on an abnormally small table game hold.

Boyd's chief operating office, Paul Chakmak declared "the most significant factor impacting Borgata's results was lower table games revenue, which was largely a function of unusually lucky play by our customers."

Our translation is the casino gods have smiled on players at this casino; get in while it's still hot.

Unfortunately for the Borgata, Boyd's president and chief executive officer Keith Smith assures hasn't found any shenanigans.

"Everything is fine," he said. "We've done all the diligence and looked at it. I think it is a function of luck. It happens in our business, where you can run for a number of months with a low hold."

Between 2005 and 2009, the hold was around 14.34 percent. In the first and second quarter of this year, it was at 13.62 and 13.77 percent. Now, it is down to 12.09 percent. There's low, then there's historically low.

The Borgata have said they've done endless amounts of internal reviews and found nothing. So, seeing as they can't beat ‘em, the Borgata brass have decided to embrace their lucky tables.

"We've always said that Borgata can be your lucky place," Borgata's vice president of marketing Dave Coskey said. "Our customers proved that during this month."

Get to those tables while they're hot, gamers!

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