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Omaha Poker Strategy: Betting In PLO
Just like it is in Texas Hold 'Em, showing strength through betting is an important part of the psychological game in Pot Limit Omaha, but you'll want to play it a bit more closely to the vest.
Poker Strategy: Playing in Longhanded Limit Poker Games
When you start playing in real-money games for the first time, you're going to see a lot of other players on the felt, especially at lower-stakes limit poker tables where the betting is capped.
Pot Limit Omaha Strategy: Fold Equity
No Limit Hold 'Em poker is filled with concepts like three betting light and continuation betting. These ideas exist because you've got a great amount of fold equity on your side. What’s fold equity and how does it relate to your game?
Three Questions To Ask At The Poker Table
While math is at the very heart of what makes poker work, what makes poker interesting is a combination of discipline and psychology.
Pot Limit Omaha Strategy: Mistakes
We're going to look at some common mistakes new (and sometimes even experienced) players make in Omaha and how you can make money from it.
Isolation Raises
The isolation raise is a preflop bet that takes place when a player raises after someone has limped in before them.
Three Ways To Avoid Poker Burnout
Let's look at three ways you can prevent burnout at the poker table and refresh your game.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Loose Aggressive Play
Tight-aggressive (TAG) players tend to stick to their guns, and that can mean a loose-aggressive (LAG) player can get paid by taking advantage of their conservative style. Let’s look at how the LAG style of poker play can make Omaha that much more profitable.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Combo Draws in PLO
If you want to play profitable Omaha poker, you have to understand the draw. Drawing hands can be so powerful that you can actually come out ahead, even if your opponent is holding a set.
Get To Know: Three Core Poker Skills
There are three core skills that every player should be aware of before they even pick up their first card. Let's break down each one and explain why they're so important to the game.
Omaha Strategy: Hands You Can’t Trust
Because of the number of cards in play and the fact that almost every hand contains some kind of potential, it's tempting for a new Omaha player to get in on the action with every hand they're dealt.
Omaha Poker Strategy: PLO Sit & Go Tournaments
Sit and Go Omaha Poker tournaments are a great way to turn a small buy-in into a nice payout, but you've got to be aware of the challenges that they can present.
Get to Know: Playing Blind Poker
Let’s discuss the art and science of playing blind poker. When we talk about playing blind poker, we're not referring to playing poker from the blinds. We mean quite literally, playing poker without once looking at your cards.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Playing in Full-Ring PLO Games
Most of the time, pot limit Omaha players like to stick to six-max games.  That being said, the potential for making a lot more on an individual pot is higher when you play in a full-ring game.
Poker: Get To Know Checking
Checking is one of the most undervalued (and underutilized) moves that a player can make during a poker game, and that's why it's one of the most important actions you can take.
Basic Poker Strategy: Loose Players
Don’t let loose poker players push you around. Find out how to identify and create a poker strategy that works against them.
Pot Limit Omaha Betting
Pot limit Omaha poker is generally considered the default version of the game; the one you’ll see in events like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. While there are plenty of fixed limit games out there, most serious players stick to the pot-limit version of the game.
Get To Know: Big Cards and How to Play Them
The problem with poker hand playing charts is that they use strict math and ignore factors beyond showdown potential and seat position. They also tend to be based on a limit betting structure, instead of the potentially huge pots that come out of No Limit Hold 'Em play. In other words: they’re frequently very wrong.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Pot Control In PLO
Omaha is, as we have pointed out many times, a game of draws. You'll play many more speculative hands and you'll see a lot more nut hands being made. There are three things that affect how you will approach any given hand.
Get To Know: Three Common Poker Mistakes
Mistakes happen; we all know and accept that as part of our day-to-day lives. That said, when they consistently appear in your poker game, be it online or in a live card room, they can cost you a lot of money.
Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Strategy: River Betting
More players and aggressive betting means that you can well be looking at putting your entire stack in on the river — should you?
Get To Know: Play Money Poker Games
Poker games in which no money is wagered have no inherent risk, which means that there is no reason for a player to play "good" poker. This means that there is no way that free online games help you refine your poker skills in any way.
Advanced Poker Strategy: REM
There are many processes for getting the most out of your opponents at the poker table, but REM is perhaps the easiest to learn to implement because it involves three easy steps: Range, Equity, Maximize.
Omaha Strategy: Straight Draws and Outs
Most Omaha poker hands are won by players holding a straight or better. This means you have to have a real understanding of the draws that can help you win with a straight.
Get To Know: The Reverse Tell
The reverse tell is, simply put, a form of misinformation that is designed to make your opponents believe they've got a grasp on what your hand is when, in fact, you've got something much better (or worse.)
Omaha: Paired Board Strategy
When there’s a pair on the board in pot limit Omaha, you have to remember one thing: you’re either going to win a small pot or lose a very large one.
Get To Know: The Bluff And Storytelling
Bluffing is often overlooked by online poker players who are transitioning to live games and this means that they've got a major leak in their game when they bring it to the real world.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Limping or Raising Preflop in PLO?
What do you do when you've got a good starting hand preflop?
Get To Know: Turn Betting In Texas Hold 'Em
The turn is where your decisions at the poker table become more difficult.
A (Very) Brief History of Omaha Poker
Omaha is now the second most popular variant of poker, but do you know where it came from?
Get To Know: Seven Card Stud
I'm of the mind that if you've played (and enjoyed) Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Poker, you're probably either going to really love or really hate Seven Card Stud poker.
What to Expect When You're Playing Omaha
A lot of Texas hold 'em players sit down at the Omaha tables expecting that the game is going to be basically the same; that couldn't be further from the truth.
Gathering Intelligence At The Poker Table
There's the psychological aspect of the game and that comes into play once you learn how to gather intelligence from your opponents as you play.
Learning the Basics of Caribbean Hold ‘Em
Meet Caribbean Hold ‘Em, a game that might best be described as Texas Hold ‘Em meets Caribbean Stud poker. Enjoy the style Texas Hold ‘Em style but adds in the big jackpots of Caribbean Stud.
The Basics of Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular game that’s similar to five-card poker. What makes this game stand out from the crowd is because unlike many other variations of poker, Caribbean Stud is played against the house – not other players.
Omaha Hi Lo Strategy: Strong Pocket Cards and the Flops That Make Them Great
The best hand to get in Omaha Hi/Lo is AA 23 (double suited). For the purpose of this exercise, we're going to say you scored this miraculous hand and review various flops and how they work with that hand.
Get To Know: Continuation Bets
How effective your continuation bet is likely to be depends on three main factors: the strength of your hand; the texture of the board that's in front of you and your opponent and how your opponent tends to play.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Short Stacking
Players frequently flop such great hands that they simply can't fold because the odds are on their side. This is when the concept of short stacking comes in handy.
Get To Know: Small Pairs, Big Problem
It can be difficult to know what to do when you're holding small pocket pairs at the poker table. They're immediately ahead of every hand that's not a higher pair (7 or above) but they can be easily run down at the end of a five-card board.
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