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Omaha Hi/Lo Strategy: Let's Talk Tournaments
The strategies that apply in Omaha Hi/Lo ring games frequently don't work as well as we'd like in tournament play involving the variant.
Beginner Poker Strategy: Starting With Fixed Limit Poker Games
Limit poker is perfect for players that are new to the game and want to start playing in cash games without risking their bankroll.
Omaha Strategy: Be Aggressive, Get Paid
To be very successful at Omaha, you have to understand what you hold and how it interacts with the board.
Get To Know: Hero Calls
One of the oddest and most frustrating elements for new players to learn their way around is that of the "hero call."A hero call is made when you throw logic the door entirely and make a risky marginal call just because your gut tells you to.
Omaha Strategy: Learning to Build And Play Low Hands
It's hard to beat the sheer amount of action when it comes to Omaha 8, but it's also a game where the pot is generally split between high and low hands and that means that you have to understand exactly how you build the best possible hand either way.
Get To Know: The Doyle Brunson Hand
Doyle Brunson was king of the world and for both of the winning hands of the Texas Dolly's back-to-back WSOP championships in 1976 and 1977, he played a hand that every poker book will warn you against: 10-2.
Starting Hands in 7-Card Stud
In 7-card stud, playing third street (your first three cards) is critical to your success in any given hand. Let's take a look at starting hands in their order of value.
Get To Know: Way Ahead/Way Behind
In various situations, you can be so far ahead in your hand that your opponent will be drawing slim (or dead) or the opposite, you're so far behind that you'll be the player facing a slim draw.
So You Want to Play Real-Money Poker
The time has come. You're tired of free poker games and you want to play against people who take the game seriously. Congratulations — you've taken your first step towards "really" playing the game. Now what?
Get To Know: Bluffing And The New Player
Poker and the idea of bluffing go hand in hand. It's one of those things that help separate it from other card games — it's about psychology and never quite knowing exactly what the other player has in their hand.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Flop Hard With Straights and Draws
In general, you're going to want to hit the flop hard to gain control and keep it. Let's look at two different very playable styles of Omaha hand and how you should approach the game.
Get To Know: Speculative Hands
How valuable suited connectors and speculative hands are.
Understanding The Basics Of Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud is one of the types of poker that you should get to know as it’s a fun game with opportunities to win big. Here’s a closer look at what the game is all about.
Basic Strategy: Bet Sizing and You
Once you understand the rules of the game and how it flows, you're definitely going to want to take the time to get a grip on how the size of your bets can help you present yourself at the table.
Omaha 8 Or Better, Split Pots and You
Omaha high/low split, also known as Omaha 8 or better has become one of the most popular poker variations on the planet in the last few years and it's become incorporated into more and more mixed games.
Get To Know: Check-Raising and Bluffing
Pulling off an occasional check-raise bluff on the flop can gain back a lot of those lost bets and calls, and keep your opponent honest.
Omaha: Short Handed Fixed-Limit Strategy

The dynamic in an Omaha Hi-Lo game changes dramatically when there are fewer than five players. You can actually lose quite a bit of money sticking to your usual hand requirements for a full ring game.
Poker Strategy: Your Battle Plan
If you've never done this before, do it now. Sit down and ask yourself, honestly "What do I want from poker?"
Omaha: A Game of Draws
Draws are powerful in Omaha poker and very little poker would actually be played if players were scrambling to beat each other before the flop hits.
Intermediate Poker Strategy: Value Betting
If you’re not familiar with the term but have seen it used in articles such as this, value betting occurs when you extract as much as possible from your opponents by persuading them to continue betting even when you have the better cards.
Get To Know: Initiative In Poker
It's a term that's seen a lot in poker articles and in books, but never defined to our satisfaction, so let's take a few minutes and help you understand what initiative is at the poker table and how it can help you win more often.
Omaha: Small Rundown Hands And Your Bankroll
If you’re not familiar with the term, a “rundown hand” is basically a four-card straight that you're holding, something like TJQK.
Get To Know: Common Poker Terms
This isn't a comprehensive guide to terms used in poker, but it can help you read and understand articles on sites like this that much more easily.
Playing High-Only Hands In Omaha Hi-Lo
What should you consider playing if you're holding a hand that's destined for high-only status? First of all, your high-only hand should be both coordinated and very high to make it playable.
Get To Know: Expected Value
So, what is expected value? It’s the amount of money a certain play will win or lose on average.
Omaha Poker : Ten More Tips for Players
These ten tips have helped Texas Hold 'Em players move as quickly as they can from that game to Omaha.
Get To Know: Online Poker Tells
Compared to live poker, online games have far fewer tells for a player to pick up on and figure out if their opponent actually has the cards they're presenting. Thankfully, there are still a number of online poker tells that you can look out for that can clue you in on what your opponent's holding.
Intermediate Poker Strategy: Swimming With the Fishes
What happens if you're playing against a table full of calling stations, loose passive players who are just happy throwing their chips into the pot?
Basic Poker Strategy: Don't Fall For AQ
AQ is a hand that becomes very profitable against the right field of players, and that loses a lot of its value against seasoned players.
Omaha Strategy: Hutchinson's Hi-Lo Point Count System
Back in the late 90s, Dr. Ed Hustinson came up with a "point count" system for starting hand selection in Omaha Hi-Lo games.
Basic Poker Strategy: Stack Sizes and Implied Odds
One of the most important factors in no-limit hold 'em games is also one of the most overlooked: the number of chips each player has. The size of one's stack greatly affects the strategy they'll use to approach the table.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Some Quick Tips For New Players
There are plenty of deep strategy articles on sites like this that explain the world of Omaha to players like you, but let's be honest: sometimes you want to dive in and play.
Advanced Poker Strategy: Slow-Playing Monster Hands
In his book The Theory Of Poker, David Sklansky posits that you make money when your opponents play differently than they would if they could see your cards.
Get To Know: Heads-Up Strategy
Many poker players and writers feel that heads-up poker play is the most visceral, "true" version of the game, and it's hard to deny that.
Pot Limit Omaha Strategy: Playing In Six-Max Games
6-Max games allow you to play in more hands per hour and those that don't adjust their game to the new demands can give you more money than you'd see elsewhere.
Get To Know: Shorthanded Poker Game Strategy
Not every poker table you sit down to play at is going to be packed. If you want to be a winning poker player, you'll definitely want to learn how to play in these shorthanded tables.
Omaha Poker: The Three Most Common Mistakes In Hi/Lo
In this article, we're going to take a look at the three most common Omaha Hi/Lo mistakes and how you can avoid making them yourself.
Get To Know: Playing the Tight Passive Player
If you don't know what one is, a tight passive player maintains a tight starting hand selection, but their play is weak after the flop.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Aces Are Not Everything
Aces are at the core of Texas Hold 'Em and so, as Omaha players, we naturally gravitate towards them. Here's the problem with Aces: they're tricky. Very, very tricky.
Get To Know: Aggression In Poker
To play winning poker, you have to play aggressive poker, especially in no limit Texas Hold 'Em.
Omaha Strategy: Managing Your Omaha Poker Bankroll
Omaha is a high-variance game and you need to make sure that your bankroll can handle any swings that come its way.
Get To Know: Starting Hand Selection in Texas Hold 'Em
Starting hand selection is the most hands-on element of basic poker strategy and it's perhaps the most important as it keeps you from entering pots with hands that aren't going to win.
Omaha Poker: Pot Odds
Pot odds are a crucial deciding factor in poker play and are more important in Omaha poker than in any other form of the game.
Get To Know: Position In Poker
It's a fundamental piece of any poker strategy that every player should know, but it's always a good idea to review position in poker and how it affects your betting and card selection.
Omaha Poker: The Biggest Mistake
Every poker game is different and Omaha in particular presents difficulties and temptations that can stress even the most experienced Texas Hold 'Em player.
Get To Know: The Free Card
It’s easy enough to define, a bit harder to get right. A free card in poker is when you or your opponent is able to see the next card in a hand without having to call a bet.
Omaha Poker Strategy: Position In Pot Limit Omaha
You have to remember that "pot limit" games are not those where you can force your opponents into making a bad decision when you're out of position.
Get To Know: Pocket Aces
It's the most powerful hand you can be dealt in Texas Hold 'Em, but it's not the easiest to play — something like 72 offsuit would be because you'd know to just fold!
Omaha Poker Outs: Three Tricky Situations
Omaha's not as simple as Hold 'Em, though, when it comes to math and before you can learn the odds, you have to know which hands you're talking about.
Poker Strategy: Trips, Sets and You
A "set" occurs when you've got a pocket pair and a third card hits the board. "Trips" is when one of your hole cards meets a pair on the board.
Poker Strategy: Be Your Own Critic
Even the right move can sometimes make you lose money and the wrong moves can occasionally let you stumble into a win.
Three Mistakes Even Good Poker Players Make
Let's take a look at three common mistakes that even decent poker players make and how you can avoid them.
Pocket Queens: Your Favorite Ladies
A very nice pair indeed, QQ is the third most powerful pre-flop poker hand and some players have claimed that they've played it more successful than AA or KK.
Understanding Omaha: Low Limit Preflop Strategy
How do you actually make money at low-limit Omaha poker? Turns out there are lots of opportunities for a player who's patient and a bit tight to take advantage of his opponents.

Get To Know: Freeroll Poker Tournaments
Every online poker player understands the idea behind a freeroll poker tournament, but there's more to these free poker tournaments than just throwing your chips into the ring and praying.
Casino Strategy: Basic Video Poker Strategy
Good video poker strategy can improve your expectations from the game and it's even possible for a smart player to achieve a positive overall expectation from a game.
Understanding Omaha: The Game Itself
So you've heard about Omaha poker and you want to try it out but the rules seem a bit dense. I'm going to break things down for you so you understand exactly how Omaha is different from Texas Hold 'Em poker.
Get To Know: The Six Types of Poker Hands
Poker is not as simple as having "the winning hand," even if the winning hand, well, always wins. You need to instantly be able to understand the type of hand you're holding and the type of hands that you have the potential to make.
Get To Know: Position In Poker
New poker players tend to focus on hands, and it's really easy to understand why: those are things you can control immediately. However, it's important that you take the time to understand position as well.
Poker Basics: What Do You Need To Bring To The Table?
Before you even sit down to play online poker, much less a game at a casino, you need to understand that you understand three basic things: math, discipline, and psychology.
Using Your Online Poker Bonus Wisely
How do you make sure you get the most out of your bankroll and the additional money you earn while playing? Through proper bankroll management.
Playing in Longhanded Texas Hold 'Em Games
"Longhanded," for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, refers to table where there are seven or more involved in play at any given time.
Close Shaves in Omaha Poker
There are many close decisions in Pot Limit Omaha because players can rarely put our hand in such a category.
Basic Poker Strategy: Determining Your Win Rate
Your poker "win rate" is the amount of money you win over a set period of time or number of hands.
Limit Hold 'Em Basics: Pocket Cards Against Eight or More Players
Find out how to make the most out of lower-limit games with a lot of players involved.
Pot Limit Omaha: Close Calls
Close calls are much more common in Pot Limit Omaha. Discover the reasons for this and how you can mitigate their effects.
The Best Starting Hand In Pot Limit Omaha

Find out why and how you should play double-suited AAKK in Pot Limit Omaha.

Tuning In To Video Poker Basic Strategy
To play video poker, players must have some background on the game of poker or at least be familiar with winning poker hands.
Omaha Poker: Two Pair Don't Make A Win
Find out why you shouldn’t get so excited when you hit two pair when playing in Omaha poker.
Basic Hold 'Em Strategy: Playing Ace-King
Ace-King is a strong pair of pocket cards, but you'll want to make sure you maximize it! Find out how to approach the board.
Strategy: Player Levels in Poker
It's common knowledge that poker is a game where you're constantly trying to outsmart your opponents and you need to be able to figure out exactly why your opponent is making the decisions they're making. 

Texas Hold 'Em: Playing From The Small Blind
A friend of mine once summed up how to play from the small blind with just one word: "don't," and it's easy to understand why.
Pot Limit Omaha Strategy: Heads-Up!
If you want to become the best pot limit Omaha poker player you can be, I've got four words for you: play heads-up games.
Basic Poker Strategy: Let's Talk About Stacks
When you're playing no limit Texas hold 'em poker, there's a very distinct possibility that you may be putting all of your chips on the line at any given time.
Selecting The Right Table In Online Poker
If you want to make the most money from other players at the online poker tables, you need to make sure that you work to pick the right tables at which to play.
Omaha: Beware Variance
Variance is much, much higher in pot limit Omaha poker. This means that you can make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time, but it also means that if the cards aren't going your way, you can easily drop 10-20 buy-ins in a single day.
Texas Hold 'Em: Micro Moneymaking
Microstakes games are perfect for the beginning player who wants to experience some of the thrill of real money play but doesn't want to invest a lot in their initial bankroll.
Texas Hold Em: Why We Bet
Knowing why you bet is just as important as knowing how and when to bet. Let's take a look at the two main reasons people put money on the line.
Pot Limit Omaha Poker: More Tips For Play
Aggression can pay off in Pot Limit Omaha Poker and we're going to look at two ways in which you can play hard and get rewarded by taking advantage of the best possible hands.
Texas Hold 'Em: Be Aggressive
Like the cheerleaders said: "If you want to win the poker game, you have to be aggressive. B-e aggressive."
Omaha: Flushes To Watch Out For
One of the easiest ways to lose money in Pot Limit Omaha is to place too much value on your non-nut flushes.
Texas Hold 'Em: Value Betting
Value betting is how many good poker players make their real money. A value bet takes place when you extract as much money as possible from your opponent in a hand when you know that you are holding better cards.
Omaha Strategy: Pot Limit Betting
Limit poker is based on math; No-Limit is based on psychology with a knowledge of implied odds. So, where does pot limit poker fall? Somewhere in the middle.
Texas Hold 'Em: You're Only Human, Again
There's a real connection between taking care of mental fatigue and improvement in things such as poker and other intellectually-oriented games.
Omaha Poker: When Good Boards Go Bad in Low-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Omaha is a game of the nuts and even if you've got a playable hand in front of you, the flop can completely rewrite your plans.
Texas Hold 'Em: You're Only Human
You are, after all, only human and you need to make sure that you keep your mind and body sharp at the tables, even if you're just clicking a mouse. We're going to review a few basics that can make it significantly better to spend long hours at your computer.
Omaha Hi-Lo: Hands To Avoid
It's really common for players that are new to Omaha Hi/Lo to fall for the lie that every hand is playable.
Texas Hold 'Em: Mind The Gap
David Slansky coined the term "the gap" to describe the distance between the hand you need and the minimum opening hand.
Learning Omaha Hi/Lo
This game is not for the faint of heart. New players frequently find themselves confused when it comes to reading their hands.
Texas Hold 'Em: Understanding Pot Odds
In poker (both online and in real-world games,) pot odds represent the ratio of the current size of the pot to the cost of a call you'll have to make.
Omaha: Two More Tips To Improve Your Play - By Folding!
It's not always easy to know when to fold in Pot Limit Omaha, even for experienced Hold 'Em players making the transition.
Texas Hold 'Em: Block Betting And You
Find out how to employ one of the best basic pieces of intermediate poker strategy: the block bet!
Omaha: Four Tips To Improve Your Play

Four easy ways to help get started when playing Omaha poker.

Texas Hold 'Em: Preflop Betting
Before you put everything on the line because you're holding pocket tens, you need to take a look at all the table factors that come into play before the flop.
Omaha Poker: Understanding Betting
While Omaha can be played with a variety of betting structures, the two most common are also the only ones used with any kind of regularity: pot-limit and fixed-limit.
Texas Hold 'Em: The Showdown
Find out what happens when the last community card is played and players face down in Texas Hold 'Em.
Flop Betting in Omaha Poker
Get the most out of the flop with these Omaha poker strategy tips.
Texas Hold 'Em: The River
The river is a deceptively tricky street to play in Texas Hold 'Em poker. We think it's important for beginning players to sit down and seriously look at the river as a place that can make or break their hand.
Omaha Poker Strategy: The Turn
Playing the turn is critical to winning in Omaha poker. Learn the best strategies for getting ahead in this betting round.
Texas Hold 'Em: Playing The Turn
If you've made it to the turn in a hand of Texas Hold 'Em poker, you need to move from being a passive player into being an assertive player that takes advantage of mistakes of the other players.
Texas Hold 'Em: Playing the Flop
Here are some things you can do when you play online poker to improve your approach to the flop.
The Mystery of Caribbean Draw Poker
But there's one poker game that will stick out like pocket aces and have you scratching your head: Caribbean Draw Poker. It's got Caribbean in its title, but this ain't no stud.
Omaha Poker Basics: Before The Flop
What to do when you've got a good starting hand, along with other hands that may have potential but aren't quite there yet before the flop.
Texas Hold 'Em: Buttons, Blinds and Betting
Diving into the nuts and bolts of Texas Hold 'Em with a look at the button, blinds and how betting works in the game.
Omaha Poker Basics: Starting Hands
Find out what the most playable hands in Omaha poker are with this list…
Texas Hold 'Em Tuesday: Drawing Hands
The very basics of your drawing hands by listing what are widely considered the ten best Texas Hold 'Em hands to be issued by the dealer.
Texas Hold 'Em: Your Opponents
When you sit down to play poker, there is one thing that you need to figure out very quickly: what types of players you are going against.
Omaha Poker Basics: Begin at the Beginning
Learn the basic elements that separate Omaha Poker from Texas Hold 'Em.
Poker Strategy: The Good And Bad Of Low Stakes Cash Games
Low stakes poker games are a great place to sharpen your skills, but they have their own risks and rewards.
Beginner's Mistakes: Overplaying Hands
Players that are new to the game have a habit of just not folding when they should, particularly when they have top pair.
Basic Strategy: Common Poker Mistakes
Find out what common mistakes players make and get some advice on how you can avoid them.
Beginner's Poker Strategy: Avoiding Tilt
A person who is "on tilt" is someone that has let their emotions take control of their game, and not for the better.
Beyond The Basics: Bluffing In Online Poker

People say you can't bluff in online poker, but Deke's proven than you can. Players need to learn when and how to bluff to get the most out of the strategy.
Seven Card Stud: Starting Hands
More than any other poker variation, 7 Card Stud rewards observation of player tendencies. Let's discuss starting hands and how you can control the board early on.

Poker Strategy: Live Poker Tells
When you make the transition from playing online poker to sitting down across from real opponents in a cardroom, one of the things you must take advantage of is the ever popular "tell."
Developing Your Poker Sense
Creating "poker sense" can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Here's four ways to get better.
Analyzing Your Losses
While losing at anything is pretty awful, in poker it can be a particularly annoying and because you're losing money. When you lose, however, you get an opportunity to re-evaluate your game and come up with new approaches
Basic Poker Decision Making: KISSing
Yes, poker is a game where in-depth strategy can reward the player, but there's something to be said for revisiting the basics and embracing the philosophy of KISS.
The Button Is Revered Among New Poker Players
The button is revered among new poker players but you can maximize its play and defend against it more easily than you think.
Basic Poker Strategy: "Drawing" Hand Basics
A drawing hand is any pair of cards that have no immediate value but have the potential to become strong hands if the right cards hit the felt.
Basic Poker Strategy: Calculating Your Outs
We're talking about calculating the outs and it's crucial to moving from being a player that sort of understands the game to being one that can assess a hand quickly and know whether or not they should be invested.
Beginner's Strategy: Three Betting
Understand how to get the most out of three-betting with this guide for beginners.
Poker Strategy: Choosing The Right Online Poker

Finding the right table to play online poker at is a key part of the successful player's toolset.
Basic Strategy: Playing In Multiple Online Poker Tables

One of the best things about online poker is that it allows you to be in multiple places at once, meaning that there's always something happening, even if you're sitting out of a hand at one table.
Poker Strategy: Basic Bankroll Management And You
Get to know the ins and outs of bankroll management so you can get the most out of your online poker deposit!
Tri-Card Poker - A Guide for Beginners
Tri-Card is a 52 card game that consists of the “ante” and “raise” and “pair plus” wagers. The player is trying to receive a higher 3-card poker hand than the dealer to win his ante and raise wagers.

Basic Poker Strategy: Freeroll Tournaments - The Endgame
If you've made it this far in the tournament and are at the last table in a freeroll, I suppose some congratulations are in order. You're going to have to work harder to get the top prize, and I'm pretty sure you've been thinking that you're working plenty hard, right? Wrong.
Basic Poker Strategy: Freeroll Tournaments - The Middle Stages
Personally, I've found that it benefits my game greatly to become more aggressive and play more hands that I did before, even if it's just stepping down one or two steps and including AJ, A10, KJ, KJ and even the dreaded K10 limp, depending on position and the tenor of the table.
Basic Poker Strategy: Freerolls - The First 90 Minutes
Freeroll tournaments are terrific, especially if you get in on the action where you can get your chunk of thousands of dollars, but the competition is fierce and can actually be tougher than low-stakes real money tournaments.
Beginners Guide to Vegas Three Card Rummy
If you're looking to put some more of that Vegas flavor in your online casino gaming, Vegas Three Card Rummy has the name and the game.
Basic Poker Strategy: From Hold 'Em To Omaha - Before The Flop
Let’s take a look at what the experienced Texas Hold ‘Em player that wants to actually have fun playing poker again can do to improve their odds out of the gate in Omaha.  This article assumes you have general knowledge of the game and if not.

Basic Poker Strategy: Short Stack Play in Omaha Tournaments
Get the help you need to make the right decisions when you're short stacked when playing in an Omaha poker tournament.
Basic Poker Strategy: Hands to Avoid In Omaha Hi Lo
There's are some hands that you might play in stud or Omaha/8 that are just out-and-out bad news in Hi-Lo. Let's take a look at a few hands that are, at best, dodgy, to borrow a phrase from the Brits.
Basic Poker Strategy: Understanding Omaha Hi/Lo's Basics
Want to try out Omaha Hi/Lo but want to get a firm grounding in the best hands to play first? Check out this piece that explores your options.
Basic Poker Strategy: Turbo Tournaments
Find out what the difference is in playing a turbo online poker tournament versus a normal one and how you need to change your game to match the faster pace.
Strategy: The Final Table and How To Swing It
When you approach the final table in any tournaments, you need to ask yourself one simple question: what do you want to accomplish? 
Psychology In Online Poker
You might believe that online poker lacks in the basic psychology that the "real world" game has, but people are still people, even if they’re using a mouse and keyboard instead of their hands.

7 Card Poker Stud for Texas Hold 'Em Players

In the days before Texas Hold ‘Em became the gaming juggernaut it is now, Stud was the game for many players.Before you start playing 7-Card Stud, there are some obvious differences between stud games and Texas Hold ‘Em that you should be made aware of.
Casino Beginner Tips: Learning Caribbean Stud Poker
Nowadays everyone knows poker. But everyone knows one version, Texas Hold'em. There is also some who know what Video Poker is all about, but most new players don't have a clue about Caribbean Stud.
Basic Poker Strategy: Playing Big Stacks in Poker Tournaments
Having a big stack in a poker tournament is not the solution to your problems, despite the confidence that it (quite naturally) fills you with. When you get a larger stack, your playing style needs to change accordingly and move from being a tight aggressive player to working with more hands and loosening up your game.
Basic Betting Strategy In Poker
When it comes to betting and using your bankroll effectively, it's the game itself. Lets go over a few very basic strategies that you can use in the game and how you apply them.
Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Omaha Hi-Lo poker is definitely a game I recommend starting off in fixed-limit games, even if you're an experienced Omaha Hi player looking to expand their game a bit.
Strategy: Playing Heads Up Hold 'Em Poker

Heads-up poker, particularly in lower-stakes, pot-limit games is a great way for an aggressive player to build their bankroll quickly, but it does require more than just guts to get ahead when playing one-on-one against someone who likely has the same agenda as you.
Beginners Casino Guide: Let 'Em Ride
Let ‘Em Ride is not only fun to play and easy to learn. So how does a newbie make money at the game? Here are some quick tips.
Advanced Casino Play: Tips for Optimal Deuces Wild Play
This wild and crazy game can give you a return of 100.77 percent. That's over 100 percent return for a casino game!
Poker Strategy: Winning Small-Stakes Games

It's possible and in fact practical to play low-stakes poker for profit if you are comfortable with a longer, slower burn at the table with less action.
Poker Strategy: Debunking Poker Myths

Much like the fields of crypto zoology and psychic studies, poker is full of myths that have become inflated to the point where they're accepted as fact by many people who aren't familiar with the game, and by a shocking number that are.
Basic Poker Strategy: Stop Loss

Set up a Stop Loss strategy that gives you a hard and fast rule that keeps you in the games you should be in and away from the ones that you should avoid.

Basic Poker Strategy: Learning Stud Poker

Let's discuss the basic financials of Seven-Card Stud.  You'll want to understand how the game is different financially before you start.
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