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Sports Betting Articles

Training Camp: Betting on Ranked & Non-Ranked Matchups
Knowing the nuances involved in betting games involving ranked schools and matchups featuring unranked schools is key to wagering both college football and basketball successfully.
Sports Betting Training Camp: Betting Beyond Baseball
For some people, MLB is the only league they follow – and it's easy to get absorbed when you're hitting the pay window as often as the sharper fans who bet on baseball. But what if you don't want to stop making money just because it's November? There are other sports out there, each with something to offer in terms of betting value and entertainment value.
Teasers and Sweetheart Teasers
It's one of the basic principles of sports betting: There are winners, and there are losers. But what if everybody who placed a bet on a game came out a winner?
Watching the Lines
Timing is as much a part of betting on sports as it is with the stock market. Watching the betting lines fluctuate and picking your team at the right price is one of the pillars of sharp money management. The NFL happens to be one of the most volatile betting sports there is because the first odds go up on the board nearly a week in advance of the games themselves.
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