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How did Warren Buffett become one of the richest men in the world? Timing. Buffett was a disciple of economist Benjamin Graham, considered the father of value investing. Graham taught Buffett at Columbia University to avoid the herd mentality of the marketplace and focus on stocks that are available at discounted prices. Anyone who wants to make a buck from online sports gambling would be wise to do the same - and it doesn't take an Ivy League degree to figure out.

Timing is as much a part of betting on sports as it is with the stock market. Watching the betting lines fluctuate and picking your team at the right price is one of the pillars of sharp money management. The NFL happens to be one of the most volatile betting sports there is because the first odds go up on the board nearly a week in advance of the games themselves. A line could move dozens of times in that window of opportunity.

Never underestimate the power of the half-point. Those half-points get even more valuable when the pointspread is sitting on a "magic number" like three or seven. Because NFL is primarily a game of field goals and converted touchdowns, the most common winning margins are three and seven points. Roughly one in six games is decided by a field goal.

Sometimes it does benefit you to wait until the last minute. If you felt like a team was your pick last week, then you might be better off waiting as long as possible to see if you'd be able to get a better points spread. But from a value betting perspective, your best time to buy is often earlier in the week. The lines are at their softest at the open, before they've had a chance to react to the marketplace. Early action tends to be sharp action - again, most of the squares are busy with other things on a Tuesday.

The more attention you pay to the NFL betting lines, the more likely you'll be able to jump on the right team at the right price. This isn't something that has to take up too much brain power, either. Simply check on a semi-regular basis a sports book and take a peek at the odds list. Keep track of

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